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Duplex boards exporters in India

South India Paper Solution is the best duplex boards exporters in India. We offer the best quality of duplex boards at best price in India. The duplex board is mainly used for food packaging purpose. The duplex paper can be easily printed and protects the foods. We offer the various types duplex boards in India at various sizes. The duplex boards are also used for protecting the drinking products also. The Duplex boards are used to make the best water-proof products. We deliver the excellent services in India. We utilize the eco-friendly paper products for protecting the environment. The duplex board contains two types of layers i.e., interior of the board and exterior of the board.  The duplex boards are the tough, thin and able to deliver the bright white appearance vary common corrugated cardboard. The duplex boards are commonly used in match boxes, book covers and greeting cards.  Generally, the duplex boards are very light weight products. The duplex boards are used to create the different size of duplex board i.e., small, medium and large. We are the top duplex boards exporters in India. We are the licensed exporter company in India. We are mainly focus the customer support, so we will surely give the valuable services for satisfying your requirements.

Benefits of Duplex Board at South India Paper Solutions

  • Good Quality.
  • Various sizes of Duplex Boards.
  • Use to all type of industries.
  • Efficiently protect the food products and paramedical products etc
  • Cost-effective Products.
  • 100% Customer Support.

How We Made the Duplex Board?

We made the duplex boards from 100% recycled fibers and waste papers. The pulp is in grey or brown in colour.  We made the duplex board without any harmful chemicals i.e., chlorine and chlorine derivatives.

Types of Duplex Board Products at South India Paper Solutions

  • Duplex Board (HWC) / (LWC)

The Duplex Board (HWC) / (LWC) is used in Pharmaceuticals, Food Packaging, Garments, Liquor Cartons, Agarbati, Wedding & Greeting Cards, Paper Plates, Notebook & Text Book Covers etc.

  • Duplex Ultra White Coated

The Duplex ultra white coated is used to Pharmaceuticals, Premium-saree boxes, Cosmetics and varieties of cards.

  • Duplex Board (Deluxe) Uncoated Boards

The Duplex Board (Deluxe) uncoated boards are used to the Garments, Foot Wear.

  • Coated Duplex Board LWC

The Coated Duplex Board LWC is used to the Match Box, Agarbati, Garments, Hosiery and Spare Parts.

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