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Eco paper Manufacturing


The eco friendly paper produced by means of combining the waste from the plants such as the banana, coffee and lemon trees. The following process mentioned in step by step process.

Step: 1

Paper to be recycled is to be collected to large vessel then the agro products, like waste from banana, mango, and lemon tree as they are naturally available. As they are rich in the cellulose provide an excellent strength providing the best paper quality.

Step: 2

Before the waste paper is mixed with the natural products .They are grainded and made to be look like agro-industrial fiber then they are washed under high pressure to remove the resin that already present in the plants waste.

Step: 3

The waste papers are mixed with the agro-industrial fibers and then are mixed with water to disperse with the water molecules and to link the fibers and the paper waste. The process of mixing the papers and agro fibers is known as plugging.

Step: 4

Mixing the paper and industrial fiber through the complex final process that is responsible for the aesthetics and fiber length of the paper to be produced.

Step: 5

Finally the excessive wastage’s are removed by using a paper cutter to provide a high quality paper for the usage respectively.

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