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Growth of Paper Industry in India

The growth rate of the paper industries are increased in India which is placed the 15th rank among the paper manufacturing countries in the world. The 2.6% of the shares are produced by the India among the world. In India the various states such as Gujarat, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar etc which are involved in producing the paper. India produces the varies types of paper such as printing and writing paper, Xerox paper, tissue paper, packaging paper and coated paper etc. The various types of printing and writing paper are copier paper, bond paper and coating base paper etc. The various types of packaging paper such as kraft paper, poster papers and boards etc.

The Pulp is utilized as the primary factor for producing the paper which is determined from wood, agriculture, wastepaper and residues etc. The 30-35% of the wood is utilized as the raw material, 25-50% of the wood is utilized as the wastepaper and 20-22% of the wood is utilized as the agriculture residues etc. The Indian paper and paperboard industry is well organized industries in India.  Generally, 2.3 TO 2.4 tonnes amount of papers is needed for creating the one tonne of paper. The paper industries are utilized the 60-70 percent of the total amounts of the cellulosic raw materials. The paper can be produced by using other materials also which are waste paper, rags, straw of rice and wheat, pine wood, wattle, jute sticks and mulberry trees.

 Benefits of Paper Industries in India

  • Paper is used for writing, cleaning and printing also utilized in some manufacturing industries.
  • Paper can help to make paper bag which produces the many benefits like can be take some of our things.
  • Paper is the essential things in the department store.
  • Paper can be recycled compare to other waste products.
  • The recycle paper has many benefits which are saving energy, water and landfill space.
  • The paper industries are used to develop the economic level of our country.
  • Simple and economic Industry.

How to start the paper manufacturing business in India?

Paper manufacturing industry is the high economic field in India.  You can start with small scale industries or large scale industries based on your economic and man power. The paper manufacturing business in India gives huge profit in your business. Before launch your business you decide your business goal and marketing strategy. After that, you clearly analyse your market price for your business.  The paper can help to make variety of business such as

  • Book binding service,
  • Envelop making business,
  • News paper business,
  • File manufacturing business,
  • Handmade paper making business,
  • Invitation card making business,
  • Packaging box manufacturing business,
  • Paper bag making business,
  • Paper cup making business,
  • Paper plate making business
  • Tissue paper making business etc.

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