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How to make the Paper Bag at South India paper Solutions?

The paper bag is the new fashion for recent days. Both men and women utilize the paper bag for almost anywhere. They take the paper bag in office, schools, shopping mall and department store etc. Many people love to use the paper bag because they are easy to carry and can able to carry many items. The paper bag is made by using craft paper, art paper, duplex board, handmade paper, file board and various other materials. Initially, select the papers based on the requirements and sizes. Use the scissors to cut the paper based on the customer needs. By using the glue and paste the two sides of paper. After that, fold the both sides of the paper. Open the folds and show the both inside and outside of the bag.  Fold the bottom of the bag under the length of 2 inches. This will base on the size of the bag. Finally, unfold what made the last fold. Fold the flap inwards and flatten and past the two flaps together. By using the punching machine, make two holes on the both sides of the bag to attach the handle.   If the bag shows plain add some more colour on it by using water colors or poster colors etc. Paper bag is the Biodegradable products which does not affect the earth.

What are the things required to make the paper bag?

  • Large size of craft paper, art paper etc.
  • Various colors of tissue papers
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch Stapler
  • Candy and treats
  • Thin Rope

Benefits of Paper Bag at South India paper Solutions

  • Light Weight Paper Bag
  • Good Quality
  • Safe to use
  • Cost effective bags
  • Paper bag can be recycle it
  • less capital cost for making the paper bag
  • Safer for children
  • Paper bags are much more environment friendly

What We Offer?

  • We offer the different colors of paper bag and in different sizes and designs.
  • Cost-effective paper bags.
  • Fashionable bags
  • Lunch bags
  • Paper towals

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