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How to minimize paper wastage


Use printer in case if necessary

Think before you print a paper. Some people will have the bad habit a print the paper for unusual purposes. Print if only necessary, before printing make sure to preview the print in order to save a paper.

Accumulate the waste paper for recycling

Don’t throw away the paper in the public and also aware of the paper as it is recycled from the waste of the paper. Some of our natural sources like trees are cultivated to replace the demand for the paper.

Don’t burn paper

Paper after the usage to be stored for recycling purposes if you burnt the paper it will only be a carbon deposit, it will be degraded. It is impossible to convert a degraded product into usage; also burning of paper will produce co2 molecules into the atmosphere damaging the Eco system.

Use only recycled paper

Don’t buy stationary products if they are not recyclable .Some the paper made by cross linking polymers in order to strengthen paper avoid the usage of these products to keep the environment safe and secure.



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