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Tissue Paper Exporters in India

South India Paper Solutions is the best tissue paper exporters in India. The tissue paper is the most essential things recent days. We export the environment friendly and eco-friendly tissue paper in India. We utilize the tissue paper for various utilization like cleaning face, cleaning nose and cleaning the hands etc. The tissue paper is made up of thin fibres of trees. We utilize the recycled paper pulp to make the tissue paper for reducing the wastage of trees. We offer the various types of tissue paper like colored tissue paper, printed tissue paper, gift wrapping tissue paper, black tissue paper, white tissue paper, plain color tissue paper and Kraft tissue paper etc.  We are the best tissue paper dealer and suppliers in India.The tissue paper name was originated from the French word its termed as “tissue” which means cloth. The tissue paper is as soft as like the cloth. Recent days the tissue paper is become as more important in our daily life. The 100% recycled fibres are utilized due to the environment responsible.

Process of Making the Tissue Papers

The tissue paper rolls are fed into the flexographic printing machine for paper napkins wherein these are printed and cut in to the specified size with the device already fixed with the machine. The absorbency and softness are the important properties of the tissue paper. It is directly linked with the surface smoothness, bulk and a short of stiffness. We utilize the biodegradable tissue paper for increasing the environment friendly.

Advantages of Tissue Papers

  • Flexible, Convenient, Durable and Portable
  • Easy to handle, best for wrapping
  • Lower cost and light weight
  • Environment friendly material

Features of Tissue Paper at South India Paper Solutions in India

  • Cost-effective tissue papers.
  • 24/7 Online customer services.
  • Offer various types, colors and size of the tissue papers.
  • Delivery in time.
  • Offer very light weight paper.

Types of Tissue Papers in India

  • Facial Tissue Paper
  • Toilet Rolls
  • Catering Wet Wipe
  • Restaurant Wet Wipe
  • Table Napkins
  • Bed Roll
  • Kitchen Paper Towel (House hold towels)
  • Packet Tissues
  • Both Towels
  • Plain Tissue Paper
  • Paper Napkins
  • Kitchen Rolls
  • Industrial Wipe

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