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Usage of Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper is mainly used for industrial and commercial applications. The Kraft Paper is utilized as packing, wrapping individual items, bundling and void fill. Moreover, the Kraft Paper is utilized as floor covering to protect surfaces. Manufacturers are mostly used the Kraft Paper to wrap the products safely. Kraft paper is available in different colors, weights and sizes. The Kraft Paper is made by using the Kraft process which termed as paper production methods. This production methods involves the chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp. The lignin and cellulose are the structural components of the wood pulp process.

Why the Kraft paper is better than regular paper?

The Kraft paper is stronger than normal paper due to its lignin content and high sulfur ratio. The Kraft paper doesn’t involve the extensive bleaching which reduces the paper’s strength and increases the manufacturing costs.

Types of Kraft Paper

  • Virgin Natural Kraft Paper – Virgin Natural Kraft Paper is used in the many applications due to its strength. The virgin natural Kraft paper is taken very less cost to make. The virgin natural Kraft paper has high resistance. The virgin natural Kraft paper is the perfect for printing so its broadly used in branded packaging, protective layering, wrapping, pallet interleaving, carrier sheets and dunnage etc.
  • Natural Recycled Kraft Paper – The natural recycled Kraft paper is the environmentally friendly paper. This type of paper is widely used in dunnage, void fill applications, box and tray liners, interleaves as well as newspaper bottom wrap.
  • Black Kraft Paper – Black Kraft paper is widely used in picture framing industry. Furthermore, widely used in snazzy arts & crafts products also where the light barriers and boarders are required. The black Kraft paper is perfect for doing the fun and interesting craft projects.
  • Colored Kraft Paper – The Colored Kraft Paper is offered in a variety of vibrant hues. The different types of Colored Kraft Paper are like red, blue, green and yellow. The colored Kraft Paper increase your business on schools, day-cares and colleges etc.
  • White or Bleached Kraft Paper – The white or bleached Kraft paper is perfect for wrapping and packaging. The white or bleached Kraft paper is available in various sizes and styles. This type of Kraft paper help to attract your customer which help to promote your business.
  • Printed Kraft Paper – The Printed Kraft paper has high moisture resistance, high tear resistance, light weight and highly flexible. The variety of printed Kraft paper help to improve your business, look and feel of your products, improving the branding efforts etc.

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