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What is the importance of paper?

Paper is essential thing in our human life. Paper is made from trees. First, the paper was invented by Chinese in 105 AD during the Han Dynasty. We used the paper many purpose for writing, printing, cleaning, packaging etc. The paper can used to make the newspapers, books, articles, novel etc.   The paper is used to convert our ideas, tips, story, and poet into hard copy. Paper permits us human to communicate and enhance the connection between humans. The paper industry is one of the most valuable economical industries which provide the jobs for million people.

Paper is one of the most things in our lives which are currency note. The currency note is made from paper, the paper is small, easy to read and transport. The paper is important in our human life. We not able to measure the value paper but still we really need the papers.  Recent survey, in an economical wise 38% of profit comes from paper industry only.  Here, I listed some important documents involved our life.

Footprints of Paper in Our Human Life

  • Birth Certificates
  • All our Education Certificates
  • Career Documents
  • Home Documents
  • Asset Documents
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Health problem documents
  • Death Certificates

Due to the Economical world, we also keep the following documents which are listed below

  • Sale documents
  • Loan documents

Application of paper

  • Personal use-Take notes, note anything you need to remained
  • Communication-Between individuals and groups of people
  • Storing information- write the book, magazine, newspaper, letter etc.
  • Packaging-paper bag, envelope, packing & wrapping paper, etc.
  • Cleaning-handkerchiefs, paper towels and facial tissue.
  • Construction-paper planes, quilling and paper clothing etc.
  • Representing the value-currency note, bank note, cheque, voucher and ticket.

Other usage-filter paper, electrical insulation paper, blotting paper, litmus paper etc.

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