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Kraft Paper – Fluting Media – Test Liners

Kraft paper is a strong machine-made paper that is created using wood pulp. The finished product can be may be utilized in various applications like industrial packaging. Other than utilization in packaging industry, Kraft papers are also utilized in designing of pamphlets, banners and posters for specific brand promotions. Kraft paper bags, boxes and wrappers are widely used for packaging of light to medium duty products. The Kraft paper bags are offered in distinctive size and dimensions as per the specific requirements of Customers. Many Kraft paper bags and covers contain attractive printed designs that fulfil the needs of some sectors like interior decoration, gift, event promotion, textiles companies and many more.

How they are made :

Kraft paper is a paper or paperboard (cardboard) produced from chemical pulp in the Kraft process. Kraft paper is produced on paper machines with moderate machine speeds. The raw material is normally softwood pulp from the Kraft process. Maintaining a high effective sulfur ratio or sulfidity is important for the highest possible strength using the Kraft process. The Kraft process can use a wider range of fiber sources than most other pulping processes. All types of wood, including very resinous types like southern pine and non-wood species like bamboo and kenaf can be used in the Kraft process.

Testliner and Fluting Media

  • Recycled
  • GSM Range – 110 to 180gsm
  • BF Range 14 – 20
  • Target Industry : Corrugation

MG Grades

  • Virgin and Recycled
  • GSM Range – 36 to 90
  • BF Range – 16 to 28
  • Ribbed and Plain
  • Natural , Pink and Golden Yellow shades
  • Target Industry : Food , Stationery , Packaging


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