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School and Office Stationery

South India Paper Solution offers a wide range of Paper Converted Stationery Products for the School & Office segment. All these stationery items are manufactured using first grade paper and sewed and stapled to ensure intact binding. The paper used for manufacturing registers and copies etc  has been tested thoroughly for ink blotting, tearing strength, legibility and smoothness of writing. Also, the office and school stationery range in varying sizes, no. of pages, grade of paper, and shade of paper.

How they are made:

The manufacturing process of stationery note books, registers, etc is quite simple. In this process, all white papers are ruled with the help of ruling machine as per the local Specification. Then the ruled paper sheets are folded into the required size of notebook and then after binding it with grey boards, labels and covers and pasted on it. These labels can also be printed by the entrepreneur in his own unit and various multi colour attractive covers can be purchased from the market. After pasting the covers, cutting is done to give them the finishing touch.

We offer:

  • Virgin and Recycled
  • Note Books , Writing Pads , Scrap Book
  • Ruled , Un-ruled , French Ruled ,
  • Checks and Graph
  • Hard Bound , Spiral Bound
  • White , Brown , Coloured – Plain and
  • Cloth laminated Envelopes
  • Target Industry : Stationery
  • File covers and Folders


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